Take away-coffee sustainable and convenient.

Providing a wallet for coffee enthusiasts to collect stamps of coffee shops and reusable cup vouchers on their phone, on one website. We are here to make sustainble practices convenient.

What we offer:

Digital cup tokens

Never lose your token. Receive your proof-of-cup-return on your TakeCafe account.

Stamp cards

Receive stamps from our partnered coffee shops to earn free goods.


Quickly find where to hand in your cup or get your next coffee.

TakeCafe locations

Why TakeCafe?

Lower waste & resource usage

Lower paper & plastic usage by elimanating the need for physical tokens and stamp cards.

Help business owners

Boost client retention and help offer take away-coffee in the new Dutch 2024-SUP regulation.

Promote sustainable behavior

Make sustainable practices easier and more attractive for consumers. 

At TakeCafe, we are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Do you want to receive more information about our services and how you can become a partner? Or any other questions?

Send us an email at: info@takecafe.nl